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Rachel Dunlop

Based in Richmond, Nelson, NZ, I have a Degree in Graphic Design and a Diploma in Software Development. I've worked in these fields in Christchurch and Nelson, both freelance and for software houses. My family and I moved back to Nelson in 2016 to enjoy the region's beautiful outdoors and many great eateries. I have a personal flair for social media, am a tiny bit obsessed with Pokemon and like online gaming when I'm not knitting! My husband and I have enjoyed sampling the regions' local breweries over the last year and intend to continue this patronage with fervour!


What we can do for you. With prices and everything!

Social Media

If you don't know your tweets from your tumblrs (is that even a thing?) then we can help! We will set up accounts for you, link them together or even generate and post content regularly on your behalf!

Responsive Web Design

The internet is all about responsiveness these days. That's fancy geekspeak for "automatically resizes for all devices." We know how to perform this sort of voodoo. In fact this site is a responsive site! Just try it on your phone, tablet or resize the browser window on your computer! Nifty!

Blog Boss

Sometimes you don't need the whole kit and caboodle. If a simple web presence is all you require, maybe a blog-based website is for you? Don't under-estimate the impact of a well-skinned blog, this is a very affordable option for those on a tight budget that can look as slick as the next site!


Social Media Account Setup (Your graphics and content) $60 - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
Graphic Design/Content Creation $60 p/hr
Web design (customized templates, css, embedding content etc.) $60 p/hr
Setup of Cloud Services (Google Drive, Calendar, Email etc.)$60 p/hr
Mobile Device Help $60 p/hr
Basic Blog Site Setup (Your graphics and content) Approx. 8 hrs work*
Basic HTML/CSS Site (Your graphics and content) Approx. 20 hrs work*
Larger Site or Responsive HTML/CSS/Bootstrap Site (Incl. graphics & content generated) Approx. 40 hrs work*
*These are estimates only to give you an indication.

Past Work

Here are some projects I've done for clients.

Thumbnail showing the NZACL Website

Responsive Website Design

New Zealand Association of Consulting Laboratories

Thumbnail showing the CrossFit Rolleston Website

Blog Based Website Design

CrossFit Rolleston

Thumbnail showing the Wharf 7 Website

Blog Based Website Design

Wharf 7

Thumbnail showing the Gift Sorted Website

Blog Based Website Design

Gift Sorted

Thumbnail showing examples of graphics created for Bake My Day

Graphic Design

Bake My Day

Thumbnail showing the SPN Facebook page

Social Media

Selwyn Parenting Network

Thumbnail showing the SPN Website

Blog Based Website Design

Selwyn Parenting Network

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